China proposed 25-year investment strategy in Iran

China and Iran have signed an agreement that calls on the parties to cooperate with each other and to invest more than $ 400 billion in Chinese investments. The treaty is an important step in the geopolitics of the Middle East and in easing Iran's international isolation.

China is investing $ 400 billion in Iran over 25 years in exchange for a stable supply of oil to fuel its growing economy under a massive economic and security agreement.

According to analysts at The New York Times, this agreement could increase China's influence and undermine the balance of power in the Middle East, while the US is trying to isolate Iran by any means. However, it is unclear what part of the agreement can be implemented while the US dispute with Iran over its nuclear program remains unresolved.

The parties have not yet released the details of the signed project, but according to some reports, over the next 25 years, $ 400 billion of Chinese investments will be invested in dozens of areas, including banking, telecommunications, ports, railways, healthcare and information technology. In exchange, China would receive a regular, according to an Iranian official and oil trader, supply of Iranian oil at a significant discount.