Citizens of three countries were given a privilege to enter Kazakhstan

Starting from July 8, citizens of China, India and Iran were allowed to visit Kazakhstan without a visa for 14 days.

The Migration Committee of Kazakhstan announced this on social networks. According to the committee, since July 8, a one-way visa-free regime has been introduced for these countries. The relevant government decision was issued on July 7. The 72-hour visa-free entry permit for Chinese nationals will be revoked.

According to the requirements of the visa-free regime, citizens of India, Iran and China can move freely in the territory of Kazakhstan for 14 days after entering the border. Business, personal, tourist and other trips are also allowed.

There is also information that the total time spent in the visa-free regime in Kazakhstan should not exceed 42 calendar days in every 180-day period.

Also, "Foreign citizens are prohibited from working for a fee in the visa-free regime. In this case, the receiving party must first issue an appropriate permit and visa to work in Kazakhstan.