Citizens who receive a pension card with a plastic card will be charged an additional 1%

According to the resolution of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev "On additional measures to further improve the system of payment of state pensions, benefits, compensations and other social benefits", from May 1 this year, pensions and benefits Citizens who receive their money on a plastic card will be charged an additional 1%.

In addition, the mobile cash desks of the People's Bank will pay a 1% service fee to the bank for the delivery of pensions and benefits and cash benefits to citizens in cash.

These funds will be covered by the Pension Fund, the balance of the relevant trust funds and the state budget. People, including retirees and retirees, do not have to pay for it.

The People's Bank is also tasked with exchanging funds on the cards of pensioners and pensioners in cash at their own discretion by going to neighborhood gatherings through mobile cash registers.

In addition, the recipients of all types of state pensions, benefits, compensations and other payments from the extra-budgetary Pension Fund, as well as child benefits and financial assistance for low-income families through bank cards receive a monthly pension and allowance 1 an additional fee in the amount of interest is introduced.

In other words, the pensioner's card will receive 1% more money. If the pensioner withdraws the funds from the card at the ATM, the additional 1% will be deducted, ie the pensioner's basic pension will remain unchanged. If the pension on the card is not cashed, an additional 1% will be retained by the pensioner.