Coronavirus: new strain is showing mild symptoms in patients

According to Anvar Husanov, director of Zangiota Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1, "90-95% of patients who applied after January 5 did not experience lung damage." He mentioned the average duration of treatment was 5 days and the disease was mild in patients.

Today, the majority of those who go to private hospitals in Zangiota are patients with mild disease. This was announced by the director of the Zangiota Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1, Anvar Husanov, pursuant to Ministry of Health.

He highlighted that while “Delta” and “British” mutations in the disease were more severe in patients, the new strain was milder.

"Currently, Zangiota Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 1 is visited by an average of 300-400 patients a day," said Anvar Husanov. "Currently, 300-400 patients on average visit to our institution per day, of which 200-300 are hospitalized."
The strain in patients present with simple respiratory symptoms such as fever, joint pain, headache, and weakness.

"Since January 5, 90-95% of patients coming to the hospital have not seen a decrease in saturation and lung damage," said the doctor. “Serious complications of the virus are relatively rare. Lung damage is almost non-existent [currently]. The duration of treatment is abated to an average of 5 days. Most importantly, the need for antiviral medicine "Remdesivir" and others used to treat critically ill patients has decreased”.

As a consequence, the number of patients currently being treated in the 190-bed intensive care unit has dropped significantly. However, in the summer of last year, when the "Delta" strain was on the rise, the number of patients in intensive care units was much higher.