Could Uzbekistan Become a New Center for Alpine Skiing? - FT

The authoritative British publication "The Financial Times" has published an article on the development of the infrastructure of alpine skiing in Uzbekistan.

The author of the article, Simon Osborne, visited the Amirsoy resort in February last year.

Simon writes in his publication that "Amirsoy", which opened at the end of 2019, has become a symbol of the rapid growth of the country's tourism wealth. “It also represents a radical renewal for the region with its small resorts from the former Soviet era,” the author writes. “Last year, during the peak season, up to 6 thousand people came to Amirsoy a day.”

It is emphasized that the economic and political reforms launched in 2016 in Uzbekistan led to an increase in foreign investment. “The country has moved from the 141st place in the World Bank's ranking of doing business in 2015 to 69th place last year,” says Simon Osborne.
"Between 2016 and 2019, the number of tourists to the country has tripled, in particular due to the abolition of visa requirements."

The publication details plans to expand the resort in the coming summer, as well as to increase the number of hotels and restaurants. “Amirsoy will soon have competitors as the government plans to build three more modern resorts nearby,” the article says. "French companies will develop infrastructure by investing nearly 48 million euros in foreign government loans."