Deloitte has been selected as an advisor on the privatization of the state stake in Kyzylkumcement JSC (QZSM)

As part of the presidential decree "On measures for accelerated reform of enterprises with the participation of the state and the privatization of state assets" dated October 27, 2020 No. UP-6096, it is envisaged to sell a block of shares in the authorized capital of Kizilkumcement JSC in the amount of 86.9 percent by implementing pre-privatization preparation and increasing investment attractiveness.
In accordance with the Decree, it is envisaged to attract consulting organizations to increase the investment attractiveness and privatization of enterprises.
Today, as a result of the favorable investment climate created in the country and the launch of a large number of new cement production capacities within the framework of previously approved programs, by the end of 2021, a significant increase in competition in the cement market is expected.
Considering the above, in order to prepare for the sale of a block of shares in Kizilkumcement JSC and study the issue of transformation of the enterprise, the UzAssets investment company under the State Assets Management Agency and Kizilkumcement JSC will engage the international consulting company Deloitte, included in the list of companies big four ".
Deloitte will conduct a comprehensive study (due diligence) of the company's activities, including the state and utilization of production facilities, market dynamics, as well as the importance of the enterprise for the economy and social sphere of the region. Based on this analysis, a list of key criteria will be formed that should be taken into account when selling the enterprise, as well as further measures for the pre-sale preparation of the enterprise to investors will be taken.
At the same time, the main goal of the work carried out is the further development of the company's activities and strengthening its position in the market in the future.