Digitalization in Advocacy activities

Presidential adopted a Decree "On measures to widely introduce modern information and communication technologies in the activities of the advocacy".

Pursuant to the Decree, from January 1, 2023:

Licensing for advocacy is carried out through the information system "Litsenziya" (License) in compliance with the procedure for passing the qualifying examination;

State registration, re-registration and liquidation of advocacy structures are carried out through the SDPP;

At the beginning of advocacy, there will be an opportunity to provide a composite service for passing the qualification exam, obtaining a license and state registration of the law firm.

From January 1, 2023, the information system "Yuridik yordam" (Legal assistance) will be launched, which provides for the digitization of legal assistance to citizens, the integration of the legal profession with the activities of courts and law enforcement agencies and other government agencies.

Within the framework of this information system:

An e-register of lawyers and a personal electronic cabinet of lawyers will be formed;

Online communication with individuals and legal entities via the lawyer's personal e-office, conclusion of online agreements (contracts) on remote legal assistance at the request of the principal using an electronic digital signature and online legal assistance opportunity is created;

Exchange of e-documents between the advocacy, courts, law enforcement agencies and other government agencies will be launched;

The practice of sending a lawyer's request electronically and submitting the documents required for the provision of legal assistance in electronic form on the basis of a lawyer's request will be established.