Today, when you hear the word coronavirus, someone gets upset, and someone gets scared. This is due to the rapid spread of diverse and sometimes contradictory information on this issue, as well as an increased sense of anxiety in people.

In fact, browsing social media today can make you feel like you're participating in a data war. In particular, the situation is aggravated by the spread of unsubstantiated information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

So what is the main reason?

We believe that the rapid development of vaccines recommended for vaccination today, the short duration of testing and insufficient public awareness of the results have led to panic and an unjustified attitude towards the vaccine.

We are not for one vaccine and not against another. We are passing this case to the experts. We will try to express only some of our comments.

So what is a vaccine? Simply put, it is a curbed form of the virus. A vaccine injected into the human body causes the body to produce antibodies against the virus.

At a recent press conference, the head of the State Inspectorate of Sanitary and Epidemiological Supervision, Nurmat Otabekov, spoke about the importance of the vaccine and the importance of the formation of antibodies to coronavirus in the human immune system in the fight against the disease. There are two ways to develop it: one is to get vaccinated, and the other is to get sick.

As for the population, the number of cases in Uzbekistan today is still very small. Therefore, in our opinion, it is more effective to get vaccinated than to do nothing. The fact is that none of the vaccines gives a full guarantee. Due to the high frequency of relapses among those who received them, people's confidence in coronavirus vaccines is «dying».

According to experts, a person can get sick even after vaccination. They believe that post-vaccination disease does not lead to serious consequences.

The population is divided into two sides: those who support vaccination and those who are afraid of it. So what to do in such an unsafe environment? What is missing to encourage people to get vaccinated?

Frankly speaking, at the moment we do not have a clear answer to the negative public opinion. Sometimes other scientists object to the information provided by experts. This led to the impression of people that «the experts themselves have not yet come to an agreement».

In fact, this is so. For it is clear that none of the vaccines that were introduced so quickly were fully tested. Because over the years, only those vaccines that have been tested have been approved for human use. But in the current situation, the Uzbek people have no other choice but to take risks. Because the spread of the disease is growing. The virus that struck the elderly yesterday is now infecting more and more children. The daily incidence is approaching a thousand.

In this case, there is no other choice but to use the voluntary mandatory function to encourage the population to get vaccinated.

In other words, the population has no other choice but to be vaccinated voluntarily and consciously.

The pandemic is developing so rapidly that the situation is getting out of control under its onslaught. Humanity takes various measures and imposes restrictions. But the disease continues to worsen. So, the only way out is a vaccine. Tell me if you have any other choice...