Donald Trump said the Russian President is mocking Joe Biden ahead of the summit of the presidents of the United States and Russia

During his second public appearances since the storming of the Capitol, Donald Trump harshly criticized the policy towards Russia of the new US President Joe Biden and said that China was guilty of the spread of the coronavirus.

Loud statements from Trump's speech at the US GOP convention:

Claimed Democrats were "destroying the country" and "making America a heaven for foreign criminals."

Said that China and Russia are "openly mocking" Biden and that Biden allowed the construction of Nord Stream 2, which Trump claims to have stopped

Blamed China for the spread of the coronavirus and said that the countries of the world should demand from Beijing a "reparation" of at least $ 10 trillion

Took credit for ending the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and even Somalia

He again accused the Democrats of electoral fraud and denied the accusations against him. "I wasn't trying to undermine American democracy, I was trying to save it."

Criticized the main US infectious disease specialist Fauci, saying that if it were his will, Americans would wear four masks for the next 6 years

Trump on the ban on writing on Facebook: “this must be ended”

Finally, Trump swore off the stage for the first time in years, describing the Democrats' fruitless investigations against him.