During the visit to the Andijan region, the head of the country visited several enterprises

During his visit to the Andijan region, the head of state visited the innovative greenhouse of the Pakhtaabad district and the sewing and knitting enterprise «And gold» of the Izbaskan district, the press service of the President of the country reports.

In the greenhouse of the Pakhtaabad district, consisting of 16 hectares of land, it is planned to grow agricultural crops for import to the domestic market, as well as for export abroad. Here they grow cabbage of the «Iceberg» variety, tomatoes, cucumbers, their seedlings and various greens. The export target is $1.5 million per year. The company has created 100 jobs.

The President of Uzbekistan also visited the house of a citizen who lives in the mahalla of Urganji in the Izboskan district. During the visit, the President spoke with the hostess of the house Sanobar Urinboeva, who in turn expressed gratitude and blessed the head of state.

After that, the president went to the factory «And gold» of the Izbaskan district, where it was found that the sewing and knitting enterprise produces 3.5 million knitwear per year. It is planned to export the entire volume of products and thereby earn more than $5 million annually. Contracts have already been signed with China and Russia for the supply of yarn.

Currently, the company employs 830 women. The President commented on this situation: «I express my respect and love to you. I am glad that you have found a job in your native village. Has there ever been such a modern enterprise in Izbaskan? We will continue this work, create all the conditions for our women. If a woman has a job and is in a good mood, her family will be happy»,- Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

After that, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the field of the Rustamjon Zamin Rivozhi farm in Izbaskan district, where he got acquainted with the wheat harvest.

Wheat is grown on more than 55 hectares of the farm. It is expected that more than 72 quintals of grain will be collected from each hectare. The farm plans to sell 177 tons of the crop to the state, and leave 225 tons at its disposal.

The Head of State gave a comment, saying :
- It is necessary to take measures to bring the wheat yield to 100 quintals. Then both the farmer and the workers will earn more. When the income is good, the farmer will start paying attention to science, working in a new way, helping neighbors, young people.

There was also a conversation with farmers and young people of the region:
— The purpose of my visit to Andijan today is to find out whether people feel the benefits of the reforms, whether there are changes in their life, what else needs to be done to make people happy. But that's not enough. We should create even more jobs and improve conditions in the mahalla.

It should be noted that the head of our republic is doing a lot of work in the field of creating new jobs for the citizens of the country. Employment of the population is an indicator by which one can judge the national well-being, so in Uzbekistan the issue of creating new jobs is among the priorities of state policy.