Education is the key to development

Director of the Presidential Agency for Educational Institutions Khilola Umarova in an article for the UzA news agency spoke about the interest of the world community in the education system of Uzbekistan.

The country that gave the cradle of world civilization, the homeland of great scientists and minds, today also pays special attention to education in the era of scientific progress, which the great ancestors of the new Uzbekistan dreamed of. Today, this issue is being addressed at the government level - from the worthy participation of our youth in World Subject Olympiads to year-round competitions, which have a number of advantages, which are a unique school of motivation for every student who intends to conquer the world. The created favorable conditions, renewal and modernization of the material and technical base are a vivid example of this. Today Uzbekistan can rightfully be proud of not only local, but also branches of higher educational institutions, state and non-state public educational and preschool educational institutions, sports and music schools and boarding schools.

Today schools have been completely reformed, repairing the roads leading to schools, providing transport is the highest form of caring for the younger generation. The provision of literature and technical equipment is a priority.
Another sensible step of the new Uzbekistan was the opening of the Presidential Schools and the Agency of Presidential Educational Institutions. One of our hopes for the future is the appearance of world-famous scientists and masters of their craft in these educational institutions, where the best students of the country are admitted on a competitive basis.

The director of the agency, Khilola Umarova, in her article to the UzA news portal, noted the interest of the world community in the education system of Uzbekistan. In particular, observers of international organizations who attended the elections of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan to directly observe the course of the elections visited the specialized school named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi and the Presidential School in Tashkent.

The Austrian delegation – the president of the Austrian Commission on International Policy for Women in Austria Martina Fasslabend, the Commissioner for Children's Rights of the Malaysian Commission on Human Rights Nur Asia Mohd Aval, the representative for the rights of children in Uzbekistan Aliya Yunusova, the delegation headed by the representative Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates and co-chairman of the Interparliamentary Friendship Committee between Uzbekistan and the UAE Nidal Mohammed bin Shirbak al-Basti and Deputy Secretary for Interparliamentary Relations, General Director of Mangol Consulting, Germany Klaus Mangold visited the Muhammad al-Khorezmi school.

Speaking about the ongoing reforms, Khilola Umarova said: “Jack Mikulovich, Director of the French National Institute for Higher Education and Research in Teaching and Individual Learning for Young People with Disabilities, also visited the Agency of Presidential Educational Institutions and exchanged views on cooperation. At the meeting, the parties discussed the prospects for cooperation in the field of inclusive education in schools under the Agency, in particular, the training of teachers in this area".