Elon Musk brought the NFT mania to the point of absurdity: he released a token "song" and announced the sale of it as NFR

Elon Musk  released a track about the technology of non-fungible tokens NFT and announced that he intends to sell it "in the form of NFT." The head of Tesla and SpaceX posted the work on his Twitter page.

The song consists of the phrases "for your vanity", "computers never sleep", "it's tested, it's guaranteed." The video for the song depicts a golden figurine with the Moon, rockets and figures of Doge - a grinning dog meme and a symbol of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, which Musk actively supports. For her promotion on Twitter, the businessman even received the title of "techno king". The structure in the clip rotates in space around its axis, and on its basis the abbreviation HODL flaunts - this is the name of the owners of cryptocurrencies who hold them regardless of the market situation, being confident in the unconditional perspective of the digital currency.

Musk has already announced that he plans to sell the track token for 420 million Dogecoin. He wrote about this under the post of digital artist Beeple, who offered to buy NFT for $ 69 million. The work of this particular master - the collage Everydays - The First 5000 Days, consisting of works of art created by him for 13 years - was previously sold at Christie's auction for the same amount.
It is possible that Musk could be inspired by the example of his girlfriend, singer Grimes, who sold ten animated musical works at auction - tokens with flying cherubs.

In March, it became known that the artist Pokras Lampas sold the Transition work at a crypto auction in the form of a token for 28.7 thousand dollars. He made a digital creation by displaying a projection of an image from one of his canvases at the Chirkei hydroelectric power station, and then digitizing the result.