Elon Musk sells his last home in California

The billionaire announced this in June this year, there were no buyers. In this regard, Musk has lowered his property.

Elon Musk has lowered the price of a mansion in California, which he previously put up for sale, follows from data on the real estate website Zillow.

Now the mansion is being sold for $ 31.99 million. This is 15% (or about $ 5.5 million) below the original price, Bloomberg noted.

The house in the San Francisco Bay Area, built in 1912, was bought by Musk in 2017 for $ 23.4 million. He mainly used it for events. According to Bloomberg, the mansion remained the last home owned by the billionaire. Musk announced its sale in June. “It should go to a large family who will live there. This is a special place, "the Tesla founder wrote on Twitter. The house was originally listed for sale for $ 37.5 million.

The mansion was cut in price just days after Musk announced the move of Tesla's headquarters from California to Texas. The new location for the company will be Austin, where the automaker is building an assembly plant. “There is a limit to how large you can expand in the San Francisco Bay Area,” Musk explained at a shareholders meeting. The head of Tesla added that it is difficult for Tesla employees to buy a home in California because of the high cost, and the road to work is time-consuming.

Musk himself moved to Texas last year. In Texas, the billionaire lives in a small house that he rents from his company SpaceX. Now Musk is the richest man in the world: his fortune, according to Forbes Real-Time, is estimated at $ 206.6 billion.