Face ID camera AI system will be launched in Uzbekistan

Tanzila Norbayeva, Senate Speaker, supported the use of facial recognition and fingerprint recognition tablets for law enforcement officers. "This system has been proven around the world to be able to find criminals, refugees and missing people," she said.

At the first meeting of the Senate Commission on Cooperation with the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea on February 28, Senate Speaker Tanzila Norbaeva spoke about the introduction of human recognition technology.

The project was presented at the meeting by Muhsinjon Sultanov, Chief Specialist of the Cyber Security Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. He says the system is based on artificial intelligence. Firstly, photo-video data is analyzed using artificial intelligence and facial expressions are distinguished. The system compares the selected face image with the images of individuals in the biometric database, then records the results of the analysis to a database.

The system database consists of:

video surveillance camera images;
photo-videos on social networks;
video images on body cameras;
photos and videos on mobile phones.
The complex system of facial recognition and control based on biometric data includes 7 programs:

face recognition.
control of quarantine regulations;
organizers of mass riots;
crime detection program;
detection of fake face image;
profiling analysis;
forming a psychological portrait of an individual using social engineering.