February 16 - Unity Day in Ukraine

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has declared February 16 "Unity Day" in an address to the nation. On this day, the Ukrainian flag will be hoisted all over the country, and the national anthem will be played at 10:00. The population is informed about the security situation via a special online platform.

"We are threatened with a major war and the date of the military invasion is being determined," said Vladimir Zelensky.

"A systematic war is being waged against us on all fronts. On the military front, the number of contingents around the borders is augmenting. They want to deprive us of the right to determine our foreign policy independently on the diplomatic front. In the energy sector, they want to limit our supply of gas, electricity and coal. On the information front, they are trying to spread panic among citizens and investors through the media. But today our country is stronger than ever”, he said.

Zelensky assured the government that the other state army had information on exactly where the border was located, its number, location, supplies and plans. He added that Ukraine's defense forces and diplomacy were involved. According to Vladimir Zelensky, Ukraine seeks peace and is committed to resolve all issues peacefully.

"We are told that February 16 will be the day of the attack. We will make it the Day of Unity”, the Ukrainian president mentioned. The relevant decision has already been signed. On this day, we will hoist national flags, wear blue and yellow ribbons, and show the world our unity".

According to the resolution, the national flag of Ukraine will be hoisted in buildings across the country on February 16, and the national anthem will be played at 10:00, the presidential press service said. A single UArazom platform will be set up to inform the population about the daily security situation and the measures taken to strengthen the country's defense capabilities.