First steps to Business aviation

In connection with the launch of business aviation in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Airways presented the first Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, which was commissioned in the third quarter of this year.

The event was attended by representatives of small and medium businesses, bloggers and the media. During the presentation, the pilot of the Pilatus PC-12 said that there is a lot of evidence about the new aircraft - the low cost of operating the aircraft and its unique landing features, which allow it to land on short and unprepared runways. This allows Pilatus PC-12 aircraft to fly to about 40% of Uzbek airports equipped with such runways.

Representatives of the airline said that in the near future Uzbekistan Airways plans to purchase Pilatus PC-24, which will create new opportunities for entrepreneurs in Uzbekistan.

Today, business aviation is one of the most convenient routes for passengers, which will have to operate on a route that is not part of the airline's route network.

However, the main advantage of such a flight is undoubtedly the limited number of passengers on the plane, time and convenience.