Formation of a New Uzbekistan: Successful Cooperation on the Path of Reforms

On November 24-25 this year, the presidential agency of educational institutions, together with international partner organizations, organized an international forum "Formation of a new Uzbekistan: successful cooperation on the path of reforms."

The opening ceremony of the forum took place on November 24. On the same day, a presentation session was held.
During the forum, a round table was organized with the participation of high-ranking guests.

It examines, among other things, topical problems and ways to solve them in global education: foreign experience and the topic of integration, namely
- The main factors of education in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market;
- Creation of high-quality educational conditions for gifted youth;
- Implementation of global educational innovations in the field;
- In the afternoon, a memorandum was also signed with organizations and embassies, with which the agency has established partnerships.

The purpose of this forum:
- global development of education,
- bring the quality of education to a new level,
- joint discussion in a direct and open dialogue of urgent tasks and issues to establish mutually beneficial cooperation,
- creating opportunities for training and practical training for students on the basis of joint programs,
- professional development of teachers,
- exchange of educational and scientific literature,
- creating a basis for establishing new partnerships.