Forum «Green Ambassador» in Mogilev brought together guys from Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan and Serbia

The international forum on the creation, development and strengthening of ties between children's and youth clubs and associations of Belarus, Russia, Uzbekistan and Serbia "Green Ambassador" started today in Mogilev at the site of the Belarusian-Russian University.

The forum is not held for the first time, but the Belarusian side is hosting it for the first time. Schoolchildren from three countries gathered in Mogilev, and children from Serbia joined the communication via videoconference. The program of the forum is very rich. After the grand opening, there will be a foresight session "The diplomat of the future - who is he, why and for what", the training "On the development of a diplomat's career.

Valery Egoshkin, head of the Diplomats of the Future interregional children's public movement for the formation of diplomatic culture, deputy chairman of the Association of Russian Diplomats under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, stressed the importance of this forum. “I am glad that this is not a bilateral forum. It is important that the guys understand what diplomacy is, evaluate their strengths and capabilities. And who knows, perhaps among the current participants there are those diplomats who will continue to represent their countries in the international arena. Important that we will educate them together, and will be based on the principles inherent in our traditional diplomacy."

Sofia Aslanova from Tashkent also became a participant of the forum. The schoolgirl is sure that friendship cannot have an age. “You don’t need to look at our age, we are also developing, we communicate. Friendship is needed by everyone, regardless of how old people are. Such forums still give a good life experience. We have already begun to get to know each other, I think we will exchange contacts and continue to communicate,” noted she.