From Actions Strategy towards Development Strategy

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev chaired a video conference on January 26 to canvass the Development Strategy of Uzbekistan for 2022-2026 and its implementation this year.

Today, over 35 million of our multinational people live with the great goal of achieving a standard of living typical of developed countries and building a just, free and prosperous society. Therefore, in previous year's presidential election, Shavkat Mirziyoyev put forward the ideas "For the dignity of man", "The state is for man." In order to put them into practice, a Development Strategy for 2022-2026 was developed based on the views and suggestions of the population.

This policy document sets out the priorities for the country's development in the near and medium term. Particular attention is paid to ensuring the coherence and sustainability of reforms based on the principle of "From Actions Strategy towards Development Strategy".

This year's draft state program for the “Year of Human Dignity and Active Neighborhood” is also based on a new strategy. During the open discussions, more than 17,000 proposals were received from the public. They have been classified and summarized, and the draft program has been supplemented with over 300 initiatives.

The head of our state thanked to the nation for such activity, confidence and involvement in the reforms.

The development strategy consists of 7 priorities and 100 goals. They are:

I. Building a people's state by enhancing human dignity and further developing a free civil society;

II. Making the principles of justice and the rule of law the most basic and necessary condition for development in our country;

III. Accelerating the development of the national economy and ensuring high growth rates;

IV. Pursuing a fair social policy, development of human capital;

V. Ensuring spiritual development and taking the field to a new level;

VI. Approaching to global problems based on national interests;

VII. Strengthening the security and defense potential of Uzbekistan, pursuing an open, pragmatic and active foreign policy.

The State Program for the Implementation of the Development Strategy for the current year envisages 398 measures totaling 55 trillion UZS and $ 11.7 billion US.

The President highlighted each of the seven priorities and outlined the most requisite aspects.

“We make all the reforms, all the actions together with the society. We must all serve our people as one force, one power” - highlighted the President.