Government agencies are prohibited from overspending until the end of this year

The Presidential Decree "On further improvement of inter-budgetary relations and tax administration" was adopted. According to the resolution, in 2022, 40% of the funds transferred to the regional budgets from the excess of VAT revenues will be left in the national budget.

From May 1, 2022, allocations from extra-budgetary funds of government agencies and organizations to the Fund for Support of Civil Service Development will be stopped.

In April-December 2022, 15% of the proceeds from extra-budgetary funds of government agencies and the proceeds from the placement of vacant funds in the bank will be transferred to the national budget.

Until the end of this year, government agencies are prohibited from purchasing fixed assets and repairing buildings and structures (except for schools, kindergartens, medical and medical-social institutions, orphanages).

When calculating the property tax of legal entities, towers, bridges (overpasses), reservoirs (fire facilities, cisterns), sheds, sheds, concrete areas and walls (curbs) are not considered as a tax base.