How to attract more young people to innovative industries?

On September 17 of this year, the National Innovation Office under the Ministry of Innovative Development held a seminar on "How to create a platform that connects innovative industries, attracting more young people".

The development and future of our country is in the hands of young people. That is why our future, the knowledge and experience of foreign specialists are also very important for increasing the scientific potential of the owners. The need to study new directions and areas that meet modern requirements was noted.

As an example, we can cite those who today perfectly master the technology of "drones", standing in the row of highly profitable people. The main focus is on getting children interested in professions that meet the requirements of the time as much as possible, and giving them the opportunity to teach them these professions.

Today, every industry is directly connected with innovation. It is quite natural that the work and the beginning of work in a new direction of the system will cause certain difficulties. At the seminar, Dr. Basie Rodney shared his experience about the difficulties faced by the innovation industry, about the problems and their solutions.

At the end of the event, the participants asked questions to the specialist and received answers to them.