Ikea meets Lego: Google redesigns its office space

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all areas of human life, especially, it had an impact on corporate culture. Many large corporations, such as Google, have begun transforming their offices to suit their individual working conditions. The company decided to use tables that adapt to each individual employee, as well as a mobile ventilation system that allows you to regulate the amount of air supplied.


Google's ideas and inventions were reported by The New York Times. The new design will be tested on about 10% of their office spaces. The company's plans are based on the work started even before the employees left for remote work. Google asked a group of consultants, including Generation Z sociologists, to predict what workers would want in the future. The answer is "a mixture of IKEA and Lego," writes NYT.


Instead of rows of tables, Google is developing Team Pods. Inside them it will be possible to move tables, chairs, boards and storage for things. Against the background of the fact that Google will simultaneously work in the office and employees at remote work, the company is also creating a new type of meeting room - "campfire" (Campfire). Here, ordinary employees will sit in a circle, who will be able to communicate with those who work remotely, thanks to the large displays at eye level.


In addition, Google is developing movable walls that can be packed and shipped to offices around the world. If an employee needs privacy, a robot can help him, which will inflate a cellophane translucent wall for him. Google also has a prototype of a new ventilation system - a mobile air duct with fasteners. It can be detached and moved depending on where the workers are sitting. This system will allow everyone to choose how much air will blow on them.


For those who no longer require a permanent workplace, Google has developed a prototype desk that adapts to employee preferences when activated with a work badge. The table itself changes the height, tilt of the monitor and the air temperature around, and also displays family photos of the employee on the screen.