In 3 months, 736 thousand people were employed

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is chairing a video conference on improving the efficiency of the mahalla system and employment.

In three months, the deputy governors conducted a complete census of 6,900,000 households with a population of 35.3 million and divided them into four categories. These are:

11 percent - low income;

47% have a regular income but need additional income;

6% - in need of social protection;

36% are well-off families.

In other words, through the new system, each governor, his first deputy for economics, and his assistant governors learned that they had to work with 64% of the population.

In this regard, local officials and assistant governors worked with first- and second-class households, employing 736,000 people in three months and training 54,000 people in vocational and business skills.