In order to train well-rounded personnel, we must, firstly, pay attention to the education

An interview with Hilola Umarova, head of the Presidential Agency for Educational Institutions, was published on the official website of the Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The interview was published in the form of an article, the main topic of which was "The importance of teacher training in Uzbekistan." It provides information on the ongoing reforms to enhance the skills of the head of the Agency, including teachers.

“Learning is an incessant process; one should not stop studying even after achieving a certain academic degree or career. Our objective is to make positive social changes in people's lives. We want to contribute to the development of Uzbekistan by educating "global citizens" who will help us build a strong and prosperous nation. In order to train well-rounded personnel with the 21st century skills, we must, firstly, pay attention to the education”- said the head of the Agency.