In Surkhandarya 25 thousand soums are paid for 1 kg of cocoons

Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Sericulture and Wool Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan B. Sharipov is directly familiar with the processes of the third and fourth seasons of care for silkworms in the Surkhandarya region.

In the Surkhandarya region, which is the southern territory of our country, the harvest of cocoons grown by homeworkers has begun. In the province, 3060 boxes of silkworm seeds have been distributed under the contract. At least 2-3 people are employed in the household of a homeworker caring for a silkworm boll. That is, in Surkhandarya itself in the third and fourth seasons, about 8 thousand people were employed.

The region's builders are planning to build a 122-ton cocoon thresher. In the process of receiving cocoons, homeworkers are paid a salary in the amount of 25 thousand soums for 1 kg of cocoons grown on scales.

The average yield of silkworms is 40 kg per box of silkworm seeds. But there are also hardworking sawflies who collect up to 50-60 kg of cocoons from one box of silk seeds.

11 such selfless representatives of our people were awarded with valuable memorable gifts by the silk cluster of Surkhan Ipagi LLC.