Increase in public transport fares in Tashkent on January 1, 2022

From January 1, 2022, the cost of bus and metro travel in Tashkent is expected to be set at 1,700 UZS which was announced in the draft resolution of the mayor of Tashkent "On the introduction of new tariffs."

Pursuant to the resolution, transparency in the collection of fares leading to a sharp increase in the number of users of transport cards and their revenues, limited tariffs due to the reduction in the number of passengers who pay in cash on public transport lead to a reduction in the amount of damages.

According to preliminary estimates, the introduction of new tariffs in 2022 will save 128-130 billion UZS in the local budget of the city owing to the decrease of the total expected damage to the bus depots of JSC "Toshshahartransxizmat" and Uniary Enterprise "Tashkent Metro".
The draft document was released for public discussion on December 11 and will run until December 24.

Currently, bus and subway fares in Tashkent cost 1,400 UZS.