Individual entrepreneurs were allowed to engage in a private cab on a trial basis

According to presidential decree on the regulation of the activities of transportation of passengers until December 31, 2022, individual entrepreneurs will have a right to carry out activities for the transportation of passengers in light vehicles with 4 seats.


 - The driver must be at least 21 years old, and his car must be no more than 10 years old from the date of its production;
 - The car must undergo technical inspection at service stations every 6 months;
 - The driver must undergo a monthly medical examination in private clinics or family clinics.

Also, the initial payment of individual entrepreneurs for carriage was reduced by 5 times, and amounted to 690 thousand sums. Monthly payment was reduced by 1.5 times, and amounted to 425 thousand sums. An individual entrepreneur is a person who independently carries out entrepreneurial activities without forming a legal entity, on the basis of his property and property rights, as well as other material rights allowing the possession and (or) use of property.