Inflation rate rose to 1% in May

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev is chairing a video conference on measures of uninterrupted provision of the population with food, including livestock and poultry products.

"Restrictions on food and rising prices are soaring all over the world. Certainly, that concerns us too.

However, not all khokims in region, district and city are able to correctly assess the situation in the world and organize the work properly, which can be proved by prices in markets.

Particularly, in May, inflation rose to 1%, higher than last year.

Undoubtedly, the rise in prices is directly influenced by the growth of world prices of wheat by 50%, vegetable oil by 33%, sugar by 14% and oil by 47 %.
In this situation, khokims must mobilize all of their domestic resources and work twice as hard to provide markets with food, and more importantly, food products.

However, many khokims have ignored the price and lost control," the President said at the meeting.

A task was set to study the level of basic food supply in all mahallas and villages and, if necessary, accelerate delivery from other districts within three days.