Internet speed has increased in Uzbekistan

Ookla's Speedtest service has published new data on the results of May 2021, in which Uzbekistan showed an increase in the speed of fixed and mobile Internet, the MITK of Uzbekistan reports.

Over the past year, the speed of fixed Internet in Uzbekistan has increased more than 1.5 times, from 26.45 Mbit / s in May 2020 to 40.54 Mbit / s in May 2021 (53.2%).

Mobile Internet speed also increased from 11.26 Mbit / s in May 2020 to 18.56 Mbit / s in May 2021 (64.8%).

It should be recalled that the UAE, South Korea and Qatar are the leaders in terms of mobile Internet speed in the world. And in terms of fixed Internet speed, Singapore, Hong Kong and Monaco took the first places.