Issuance of exit biometric passports via Single interactive public services portal and Center of State Services will be fully introduced

The Presidential Decree "On measures to further simplify the procedure for providing public services for the issuance of biometric passports to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad" was adopted.

According to the Decree, to provide public services for the issuance of biometric passports to travel abroad for citizens of Uzbekistan, who are registered with the consular office abroad, the system of registration and issuance of biometric passports will be integrated into the following information systems:

Information system "Single electronic archive of Writing Civil Status Acts" - for information on marriage and family members, death, single mother or single father;

Information system "Notarius" - to verify the consent of guardians and parents, the obligations of the accompanying person;

Information system "Operational Information" - to investigate cases of convictions, administrative control, non-custodial and conditional sentences, criminal proceedings;

Information system "Manzil" - to check whether the list of one of the parents on permanent residence in the territory of Uzbekistan was canceled due to departure for permanent residence abroad;

Information system "Yagona milliy mehnat tizimi" - to obtain information about the place of work for the last 5 years;

In the "Ijtimoiy himoya yagona reestri" - to clarify the category of persons registered in this information system;

Information system "TIEK" – to clarify the category of persons with disabilities of groups I and II.

By August 1, 2022, the provision of public services through (Единый портал интерактивных государственных услуг) and the Center for Public Services will be fully implemented.