It is becoming popular to hide license plates, due to which the number of STDs has sharply increased.

According to the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Tashkent region, from January to May, more than 200 drivers hid their license plates, and in May, during a raid, this figure approached 100. Appropriate measures were taken against the violators.

As you know, over the past period of the current year, the number of road traffic accidents with serious consequences, in particular fatalities, has sharply increased. Looking at the statistics, one can see that 3/1 of the road accidents in the country are associated with speeding.

There is a growing trend for drivers to hide their license plates to get to their destination faster and without fines. As a result, speeding on roads between districts and regions leads to road accidents.

According to Article 127 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility, the installation and application of a coating on various objects that restrict the ability to view state license plates, impeding their perception, entails the imposition of a fine on citizens in the amount of one to three, on officials from three to five, with confiscation these devices. In addition, driving vehicles from which the license plate was removed arbitrarily is punishable by a fine of five times the amount of BHM in accordance with Article 125 of the ARK. (BHM – 245,000 soums).