It is said that the number of people infected with monkey pox has exceeded 6 thousand

In 58 countries of the world, more than six thousand people have been infected with monkeypox.

The emergency committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to hold a meeting this month to discuss the measures to be taken against the spread of the disease, the director general of the organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, reported.

"As for monkey pox, it is still causing concern due to its rapid spread. More than 6,000 patients have been identified in 58 countries around the world," the head of the WHO said at a briefing held on Wednesday.

He added that Europe is still the epicenter of the disease. In addition, monkeypox is detected in African countries where the infection has not yet reached.

According to the general director of the organization, it is planned to reconvene the WHO emergency committee meeting this month.