Kyrgyzstan adopted a new version of the Constitution

The President of Kirigizia Sadyr Japarov signed a new edition of the constitution on May 5. The draft basic law adopted at the referendum indicates the establishment of presidential form of government.


The referendum in Kyrgyzstan was held on April 11. As a result, 79.3% of citizens voted for the updated version of the constitution and 13.7% against.


The institution of the People's Kurultai (Council) is introduced into the draft of the new constitution as a consultative, supervisory assembly, which gives recommendations on the directions of social development.


Furthermore, it includes a proposal to renew presidential and governmental institutions. The President takes the responsibility for operation of the Cabinet of Ministers leaded by the head of the presidential administration.


The document reduces the number of parliamentary deputies from 120 to 90. In fact, the changes in the constitution mean a return from a parliamentary-presidential to a presidential form of government 80% of citizens voted for in a referendum held on January 10.