Macron and Le Pen are in the second round of the French presidential election

In the French presidential election, Emmanuel Macron won with 27.41% of the vote. His main rival, National Front leader Marin Le Pen, received 24.03 percent of the vote.

Thus, they advanced to the second stage, which will be held on April 24.

A total of 12 candidates ran in the election. In addition to Macron and Le Pen, the greatest result was achieved by Jean-Luc Melanchon, a journalist, former member of the European Parliament, and a member of the French Parliament from the "Disobedient France" party. He won about 21 percent of the vote.

In the previous elections in 2017, Macron and Le Pen were the main rivals. In it, Macron received 24% of the vote in the first round, while Le Pen received more than 21%. In the second round, Macron received 66 percent of the vote, while his opponent received just under 34 percent.