"Malika" shopping mall, "Poytakht" business center, "Bildersay" resort and other large state-owned complexes for sale

The State Assets Management Agency reports that a number of state-owned assets to be privatized in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On further acceleration of the process of privatization of state assets" dated February 11, 2021 PF-6167.

List of assets:
1) "Potakht" Business Complex
2) "Ichan Kala" Hotel
3) "Beldirsoy" camp
4) "Sijjak" resort
5) Red water sports fitness
6) "Malika" Shopping Mall
7) The building of the newspaper production complex
8) Former Republican Exchange Center


The sale of assets consists of 2 stages:

In the first stage, the bidders are selected and the completeness of the documents is checked, the deposit is received, the draft business concept proposed by the bidder is considered acceptable or not acceptable in relation to the demand for future use of state assets;

The second stage is the evaluation of the commercial proposals of the bidder (purchase price and payment deadline) and solvency.