Martin Chungong: «In Uzbekistan, the average indicator for gender equality has increased and reached 32%»

At the first meeting of the international forum, deputies and speakers of both chambers of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, along with international experts in the world community, expressed their views on the issues of «Global inter-parliamentary cooperation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals» and joint solutions to existing problems and shortcomings. Different views were also expressed on how to reach a new positive level by applying the existing successful experience.

Of the 17 main tasks of the international forum, 16 are actively working in Uzbekistan. In particular, positive results were achieved in a short period of time in improving education, women's rights, gender relations and the judicial and legal system.

At the end of the first session, the Chairman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, Tanzila Kamalovna Narbayeva, and the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Martin Chungong, took part in a special briefing for the media. They spoke about the expected positive results of this two-day international forum, and the issues that need to be resolved.

In addition, in his speech, Martin Chungong focused on the gender relations of Uzbekistan and the growing role of women in the social and public life of the country.