Medical institutions of Uzbekistan will receive an additional 165 billion for medicines

From June 15, 2021, an increase in the amount of funds allocated to primary health care institutions for the receipt of medicines and medical products is envisaged.

For these purposes, funds in the amount of 165 billion soums will be allocated through the optimization of investment projects in 2021.
This is stated in the adopted resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On additional measures for the comprehensive development of the health sector" (No. PP-5124, 05/25/2021).

Also, in accordance with the decree, a rating for assessing the performance of the heads of all organizations in the health care system is being introduced. Its results will be submitted to the Presidential Administration and the Cabinet of Ministers on a quarterly basis.
Until October 1, 2021, at least 3 prototypes of special buses will be created, equipped with the equipment necessary to organize work on targeted prevention and screening of the population in the field, especially in remote and hard-to-reach areas.
From July 1, 2021, the requirements for hiring medical workers with less than five years of work experience in non-state medical organizations are equated to the requirements established in state medical institutions.
Also, in 2021–2022, branches (91 branches) of republican specialized scientific and practical medical centers will be created in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent.

Starting from the 2021/2022 academic year, in order to establish proper nutrition in preschool educational organizations and schools, an updated diet and requirements for business entities engaged in this area are being introduced into practice.

At the same time, restrictions are established on the sale on the territory of preschool educational organizations and schools of all food products that harm the health of children and have a negative impact on their development.