Meeting at the CCI

On May 23, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture organized a meeting on the development of exports of fruits and vegetables (raw and processed), the definition of export promotion measures and the development of existing mechanisms.

Specialists in phytosanitary regulation were invited to the roundtable and explained the need for urgent reform of regulatory standards.

The task of the CCI is to formulate a set of recommendations that will allow agriculture to compete with similar foreign products in terms of both quality and price, listening to the views of exporters and government regulators.

Traditionally, at the end of the meeting, proposals for analytical information were collected and submitted to the competent authorities.

CCI continues to hold Business Breakfast events with entrepreneurs. Videos of previous meetings on export development and VAT refunds have been posted on the Chamber of Commerce's YouTube page.

There will also be another event on May 28 dedicated to the creative economy.