More than 20% of Jeff Bezos' employees quit their post

Billionaire Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin employee churn has already exceeded 20% this year.

According to media reports, hundreds of valuable employees are leaving the company, both because of general dissatisfaction with the atmosphere, and because of persistent attempts by the company's CEO, Bob Smith, to return people who used to work from home during the pandemic into offices. We will tell you what is happening at Bezos' company and why employees actually leave.

According to CNBC, 20% of its employees left aerospace company Blue Origin by Jeff Bezos in 2021. Typical figures for this company are 8-9% per year. Considering that Blue Origin has about 4,000 employees, this means that hundreds of people are leaving the company this year.

As CNBC reported back in August, key executives and technical specialists are among those leaving. Two engineers are already working in competing companies - Nitin Arora went to SpaceX Elon Musk, and Lauren Lyons went to the Firefly Aerospace of Ukrainian Max Polyakov.