More than 5 thousand investment projects worth $ 6.6 billion will be implemented in Surkhandarya

This was stated by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev at a meeting with voters in Surkhandarya.

"Industry in the districts and cities of the region is growing unevenly. In this regard, we cannot fully use the natural, intangible and fossil resources of the Surkhan oasis. Therefore, in order to bring investment and business activities to a new level in the next five years, more than 5 thousand investment projects worth $ 6.6 billion, 130 thousand new jobs will be created.

Special attention will be paid to projects in industries such as building materials, textiles, silkworm production, food, leather and footwear, which are the main drivers for the region. In particular, due to the launch of 900 projects in the construction materials industry for 1 billion dollars, more than 14 thousand jobs will be created, the volume of production will increase 5 times, and the production of import-substituting and export products for 670 and 280 million dollars per year will be carried out.

64 deposits will be fully developed in the region, which will be transferred to the private sector, as well as geological exploration work will be completed at 75 promising deposits with raw materials for basalt, gypsum, glass, expanded clay, building and finishing stone and limestone.

In Sariasi, Sherabad, Baysun and Jarkurgan districts, "industrial zones" will be created on the principle "from raw materials to finished products", intended for the production of building materials. An additional 100 billion soums will be allocated for exploration work on more than 20 deposits of nonmetallic minerals in these regions.

In addition, as a result of the launch of 42 large projects worth $ 250 million in the textile industry, 21 thousand new jobs will be created and the level of yarn processing in the region will be raised from 22% to 60%, 58 projects worth $ 165 million will be launched in silkworm breeding. , the volume of production of silk fabrics has doubled, silk carpets - 5 times, an additional 18 thousand permanent and 110 seasonal jobs will be created, ready-made export-oriented footwear and leather goods will be produced from the available raw materials and semi-finished products. As a result, 5,000 new jobs and additional export opportunities worth $ 90 million will be created. "