Not only does the doctor have a backpack on him, first of all, both the chest and the arm should be clean

The open dialogue between the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev and medical workers has ended.

The event took a long time to prepare, and both doctors and patients were consulted. In total, more than 25,000 applications were received. More than 8,000 of them are private and are being resolved on the spot. 17,000 are systemic issues.

In his speech, the head of our state summarized them and outlined 7 important directions.

The first direction is to bring primary health care closer to the population;
the second is the development of emergency care;
the third is to improve the conditions of medical institutions;
fourth, financial incentives for industry workers;
fifth, to provide hospitals with qualified personnel;
sixth, to promote a culture of healthy living in society;
the seventh is aimed at disease prevention.
"We are ready to spend all our resources and efforts for the health of our people. For me personally, the health of our people is above all and valuable. "But are the funds allocated to the sector being used properly?" Leaders must appreciate every penny, and our people must feel the effects of them in their lives", said the President.

The need to put an end to corruption in the system was stressed.

"Not only should the doctor's robe be clean, but first of all, his heart and hands should be clean", the head of state said.

In an open discussion, the doctors spoke about the problems they face in their work, their suggestions and comments. The President discussed them with the participation of experts and gave instructions to the officials.