Now Uzbekistan’s museums will operate in a new way

The decree of the President of Uzbekistan “On Measures for the Development of services in Museums” will establish the procedure for expanding the service sector in museums from July 1, 2022.

In particular:

State museums can provide services to visitors daily until 22:00;
If necessary, museums can determine the duration of work at night;
Museum employees will be financially stimulated for participating in the provision of paid services;
State museums are allowed to attract additional employees to provide implemented services;
Expenses related to the introduction of services by state museums are made at the expense of additional sources of local budgets, extra-budgetary funds of museums, funds of the Cultural Heritage Fund.
In addition, from July 1, it is planned to hold a nationwide campaign "My contribution to the national heritage!" on a regular basis. The campaign is aimed at stimulating and popularizing the acquisition of cultural values by state museums from the population.