Nurmat Otabekov told why a strict quarantine regime is not introduced in Uzbekistan

On July 6, Nurmat Otabekov, a member of the coronavirus control staff, made a speech at a briefing, answering questions from citizens.

«As you know, we introduced strict quarantine measures last year, and we managed to cope with the first wave of coronavirus. To date, cases of the disease among the people have become more frequent again, and if we re-introduce strict quarantine measures, we will complicate people's lives from an economic point of view»,– Nurmat Otabekov said.

Also, a member of the anti-coronavirus headquarters noted that people with chronic diseases, for example, diabetes mellitus, or those who have problems in the respiratory system, people with cancer, people with heart, blood and vein diseases die mainly from coronavirus disease.

Nurmat Otabekov stressed that getting a vaccine is one of the most important means of combating coronavirus, since, according to the expert, there are no people who would be vaccinated among the dying people.