Our compatriots in Russia can replace a driver's license with a new one

A temporary regulation was approved on the procedure for replacing the national driver's license of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a new one at the consular offices of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation.

According to the charter, a new national driving license will be issued through the consular office by the Main Directorate of Road Traffic Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA ATC).

The applicant personally submits an application to the consular office to replace the old national driving license with a new one.

The consular office fills out a questionnaire on behalf of the applicant and sends it to the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs within 1 working day.

For the replacement of an old-style national driver's license with a new one, the following will be charged:
• Payment in the amount of 70% of BRV;
• Consular fee of USD 20;
• US $ 20 Actual Cost Reimbursement Fee.