Our first fencer in the history of Uzbekistan, who won the world championship, was awarded the state prize

Our athletes, who deservedly defended the honor of our country at the World Fencing Championship among juniors and youth in Dubai, UAE, have returned to Tashkent.

At the Tashkent International Airport named after Islam Karimov, our heroes were solemnly welcomed by the Minister of Sports Development Adham Ikramov and the Chairman of the Fencing Federation of Uzbekistan Rustam Shoabdurahmanov. The second part of the event was then held at the NOC.

Deputy Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Abdurashid Juraboev, Deputy Minister of Sports Development Shahrullo Mahmudov and Adviser to the Minister Avaz Karimov, Secretary General of the NOC Oybek Kasimov, Deputy Chairmen of the Committee Ravshan Irmatov and Sherzod Tashmatov, our athletes and their relatives, members of the general public and the media attended.

First of all, the great victories of our swordsmen at the World Championship were praised once again. Our youngest athlete, World Cup winner Zaynab Daibekova won a bronze medal, and Zuhriddin Kadyrov won a gold medal in the uncompromising fight at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. It should be noted that Zuhriddin Kadyrov became the first Uzbek athlete to win the World Fencing Championship during independence.

Adham Ikramov also noted the success of our athletes and congratulated our fencers on the high result.After that, the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on awarding Zuhriddin Kadyrov with the state award "Brave Boy" was read out by the Minister of Sports Development and the award was solemnly handed over to its owner.

The coaches of our country, who prepared our athletes for this competition at a high level, were also awarded. The coach of our national team, three-time Olympic champion Vladimir Nazlimov and Yorkin Yuldashev, along with our athletes, received financial incentives. According to him, the athletes Z. Kadyrov, Z. Daibekova 3,000, coaches V. Nazlimov 2,000 and Y. Yuldashev were awarded one-time cash prizes in the amount of 5,000 US dollars.