Paid automated parking will be launched on 10 streets in Tashkent

Until November 1, automated paid parking will be organized on Amir Temur, Nukus, Mirabad, Shevchenko and other streets of Tashkent (a total of 10).

In Tashkent, it is planned to introduce a single system of paid parking along the road. This is stated in the presidential decree "On additional measures for the further development of public transport in Tashkent".

In compliance with the document, a system of paid parking along the highway will be established in order to curtail congestion in Tashkent, traffic on central streets, increase the average speed of public transport, regulate disorderly parking, encourage the population to use public transport.

Automated "parking" on the basis of public-private partnership until November 1, 2022, in the first stage 10 streets will be introduced such paid parkings, in particular, "Fidokor", "Amir Temur", "Nukus", "Bratislava", "Mirabad", "Glinka", It is planned to organize it on Avliyoota, Shevchenko, Said Baraka, Moshtabib and Yakub Kolas streets, and in other streets on demand in the future.