Poultry farms will receive a revolving loan of 400 billion UZS to purchase wheat

The President set the task to fully address the issue of feeding poultry farms.
To this end:

• 400 billion UZS of revolver loans will be allocated to poultry farms for the purchase of wheat;

• System of guaranteeing 50% of the collateral from the Entrepreneurship Fund and compensation of more than 17% for commercial loans to increase the working capital of poultry enterprises will be introduced;

• A total of 834 billion UZS of loans, provided during pandemic, will be extended to poultry enterprises, of which 400 billion UZS will be extended in 2022.

Taking advantage of these conditions, officials, together with regional governors, consented to proliferate poultry production by at least 35% to 600,000 tons by the end of the year.

In order to assay the poultry market and the correct placement of projects, it was instructed to digitize all processes from production to sales.