Pre-school educational organizations will be expanded in areas with a low level of coverage

According to the Presidential decree" On additional measures to expand pre-school educational services in the regions " dated 26.05.2021, № PD-5125, 100 million US dollars are allocated for the development of pre-school education in the regions.

The document was adopted in order to expand the network of preschool educational organizations in areas with a low level of coverage, create the necessary conditions for them, strengthen the material and technical base, improve the quality of educational services for children aged 3-7 years and increase the share of the non-governmental sector in this area.

The Ministry of Finance is allocated funds in the amount of $100 million from the Reconstruction and Development Fund to finance measures related to the expansion of preschool educational services in 2021-2022.

A Commission for the development of pre-school educational services in Low-coverage areas has also been established and its main tasks have been defined:
- selection and financing of projects for the creation of non-state preschool educational organizations based on the principles of fairness and transparency;
- ensuring timely and high-quality implementation of targeted programs for the construction and equipping of state preschool educational organizations;
- ensuring the targeted and effective use of centralized funds allocated for the purpose of expanding the level of coverage of preschool education, conducting a continuous analysis of projects implemented in this area, taking the necessary measures to eliminate the identified shortcomings;
- prevention of corruption, excessive red tape and bureaucracy in the financing of measures related to the expansion of preschool educational services.

The document was published in the National Database of Legislation and entered into force on 27.05.2021.