President of The South African Republic has been tested positive for COVID-19

Cyril Ramaphosa, South African President, has been tested positive for COVID-19 despite having been immunized. A new "omicron" strain of COVID-19 is now going viral with huge rampancy in South Africa.

The new "omicron" strain of the coronavirus was first discovered on November 11 in South Africa. According to British scientists, the new strain may be more perilous than its predecessors, including the delta, due to the rate of spread.

The World Health Organization has recognized omicron as lethal because of suspicions that existing vaccines may be ineffective against this strain. The organization also reported that those who had previously undergone coronavirus were more prone to relapse with omicron.

In the UK, entry procedures have been tightened due to the omicron strain

In Russia, two people have been diagnosed with an "omicron" strain of the coronavirus

Earlier, it was reported that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had tested positive for the coronavirus and switched to isolation mode.