Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, has died aged 99

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, has died aged 99, Buckingham Palace has announced. Philip and Elizabeth were married for 73 years and have four children. In connection with the death of the prince, mourning has been declared in the country. How Philip will go down in history:


- During World War II he served as a naval pilot and took part in one of the key battles for Britain.


- first met the princess in 1934 at his cousin's wedding. Philip was 12 years old, and Elizabeth was 8. The got engaged secretly got engaged in 1946 and were married for 73 years.


- Before marriage, Philip took the surname Mountbatten, converted from Orthodoxy to Anglicanism and renounced the titles "Prince of Greece" and "Prince of Denmark".


- The prince set two records - in terms of life expectancy among members of the royal dynasty, he also remained a consort (consort of the reigning queen) for the longest time.


- In 2017, Philip retired from official affairs, but continued to appear in public.


- The prince became the first member of the British royal family to visit the USSR - he came to the European Eventing Championships in 1973.


- Philip was an active supporter of the environment and the first president of WWF.